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God has blessed me with more than twenty-five years of abstinence, and I am still grateful every day. The most important day for me to be abstinent is today.

I was in OA seven years before I got abstinent, and I’ve been abstinent ever since, praise be to my HP. During those seven years, I experimented with abstinence and also tried out various forms of bulimia. Exercise bulimia had me the most: I would binge-eat and then compulsively exercise to keep the weight off.

For me, abstinence came when I started an action plan that required weighing and measuring my food without exception. Although that may not work for others, I’ve had major boundary issues, so having clear limits on my food is freeing. Other items on the action plan practiced by my home group include a daily reading, writing, a fifteen-minute daily call to our sponsor at a time of their choice, three more daily contacts to other program members, a weekly two-hour OA meeting, and stepping up to sponsor after ninety days of abstinence.

I have received so much in this program, and it’s due to my HP and all of OA. So, happy IDEA, and I pray you find your own way to abstinence.

— Carrie A.

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