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Power Within and Without

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I found the Power inside of me, a small quiet voice. Call it intuition. It is a sudden or intuitive thought or decision that helps me move forward for the sake of what is good. It is a feeling, sometimes overwhelming, filling me and lifting me up; a release of a burden; a certainty and clarity of what is right, just and moral. It is a sensation of connectedness touching something deep inside me that is unexplainable, maybe unknowable, powerful, and real. I can hear it and feel it only when my mind is quiet.

The Power is also outside of me. When the right person at the right moment comes into my life to teach me, love me, calm me and show me the path out of hell, this person becomes a vehicle to help me find my better self. He or she is a model of what happiness and joy look like when serenity, compassion, love and kindness infuse them. This person is a program of attraction.

The Power is beyond me too. When complexity becomes simple, when the impossible becomes possible and when the inexplicable is understood, then confusion melts into certainty. Problems of great complexity and with many working parts engulfed in friction and tension resolve as if some huge oilcan spilled oil onto everything.

I feel the Power and know that all is as it should be for now. It is the cosmic coincidence that reassures us we are not alone. Some call it a “God thing,” others call it natural law, cosmic energy, the source, group consciousness, a program, a tree. Still others don’t put a word to it at all but still know and sense this power when they see or feel its awe and miracles. It is the peace amidst chaos, the hope of the world, found through recovery.

I am not afraid to doubt this Higher Power. As a human, my nature is to doubt. Doubt can be the rocket fuel to launch me on a mission of exploration to understand what little I can perceive. In the seeking, I find the Power. But in not seeking, in acceptance, the Power finds me, so it is best to let it be. I let the doubt be and relax. I open myself to the possibilities, and I listen for the voice.

— Leslie F., Fox Lake, Illinois USA

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