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Dear Newcomer,

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Welcome to OA. You are a valuable asset to us. Your abilities and talents will not be overlooked in this Fellowship. Do not be hesitant to jump into service work. You will not be alone. Even if you think your idea is silly, say it anyways. Remember, Higher Power is in our group conscience. You will be heard.

Remember the Twelfth Tradition’s reminder to place principles over personalities. We are all human and imperfect but it’s our weakness, not strength, that binds us together.

Service work for me has been a huge strength in my recovery, from picking up members and bringing them to meetings, to sponsoring, to being a rep at region and intergroup. I’ve never felt so loved, so accepted, and so valued as I have in this Fellowship. I’ve expanded my friendships in all parts of my state, my region, and across the world.

In my recovery, service has helped me decrease my isolation, boredom, selfishness, procrastination, people pleasing, and perfectionism. Service work gets me out of my self-pity and helps me to focus on what I can do to be of utmost usefulness to my fellows. Today, I gladly do service in OA. What a wonderful way to work my recovery and do God’s will, not mine, every day.

Keep coming back. We will love until you can love yourself. Take a risk; say yes to OA and service. Welcome Home.

— Edited and reprinted from Out of the Cocoon newsletter, Milwaukee Area Intergroup, May/June 2017

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