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I arrived in OA a raging bulimic, underweight, and with a self-image that suggested my body was larger than my home state. I was suicidal because I did not believe I could escape this madness of food-obsession and self-obsession.

At the first meeting I attended in October 2000, I met an OA member who had what I wanted. She agreed to be my sponsor and provided me with what her sponsor provided her: experience, strength, and hope by way of the OA Steps, Traditions, and Tools. My sponsor facilitated my first round of Twelve Step questions and answers, and that established a spiritual foundation to which I still default.

My physical abstinence took six years to establish, but my last binge/purge was in November 2006. Without the help of all OA has to offer, and the help of my sponsor for sure, I’d likely be dead from food-addiction fatigue.

My life now involves a one-day-at a-time approach: a plan of eating, the OA Tools as I want and need them, and contact with my sponsor. My relationship with the Higher Power of my understanding is beyond my wildest dreams. I maintain a healthy weight, know with clarity what I look like, and like and love myself more than ever before. No longer is my existence ruled by food or self. Keep coming back—it works if you work it!

— Maggie M., Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

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