Dear Mr. Merriam, dear Mr. Webster,
I write to you as a humble requester.
I propose a new spelling of a certain word;
The change would be seen but would not be heard.
The word in question is now spelled “serenity.”
I suggest changing it instead to “surrenity.”
If one “surrenders” using “humility,”
One can achieve a sense of tranquility:
“Surrender” and “humility” thus combined
Give one “surrenity” of soul and mind.
So, though you two might deem it unnecessary,
Would you consider changing your dictionary?

— Natalie, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

A newcomer to OA thought the First Step said, “We admitted we were powerless over food—that our lives had become unmentionable.”

An OA member decided to skip her meeting and get her favorite junk food instead. But when she hurried to the elevator in her apartment building, she found a sign reading: “Out of Order—Take the Steps.”
She went to her meeting.

— Jean W., California USA


After we made some changes in our kitchen, the refrigerator door handle began hitting the wall and leaving marks. I decided to add a puffy sticker as a cushion. The only stickers I had on hand had words designed to inspire.

The first said: “Delight.” Hmm—delight is good when painting or journaling but perhaps should not be a consideration for a recovering overeater’s food choices.

The second sticker said: “Explore.” Explore the fridge? I don’t think so!

The last sticker said: “Reflect.” That’s the one I chose. That’s the message I see now whenever I open the refrigerator. It reminds me to invite my Higher Power into whatever business I’m conducting there!

— Chris G., Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


One of our meetings takes place in a church that has a resident cat. One day, when a member was opening up and sharing about her bulimia, the cat threw up on the piano!

— Mary Elaine A., Austin, Texas USA


Today an OA member remarked that whenever food calls, she lets it go to voicemail.

She added, “I never check my voicemail.”

— Rosanne K., Portland, Oregon USA

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