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Grateful for Friends in OA

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“Any form of service—no matter how small— that helps reach a fellow sufferer adds to the quality of our own recovery.” — The Tools of Recovery

I was at home on February 27 when I fell and broke my right ankle. At the emergency room, they found it was broken in two places and needed surgery. I was in the hospital for five and a half days and then in rehab for seventeen more. Per the doctor’s orders, I was non-weight-bearing, so I came home in a wheelchair.

The folks in my group helped me out. They called me and came to see me in the hospital and rehab. One came and brought me to an OA meeting right behind the hospital. Two other friends cleaned my bedroom. One offered to take and do my laundry. A couple more picked me up at rehab to bring me home: they brought me and my stuff inside and made my bed. One friend took me grocery shopping, and another is taking me to my doctor’s appointment. My good friend who lives here took care of my cat and cleaned up my kitchen.

I am so thankful and grateful for them.

Even though I am in a wheelchair, I am planning to go to my Region Assembly to help out with registration and be the center mic monitor.

— Mary S., Albany, New York, USA

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