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I came into program pretty mad at an HP who seemed not to care about me and let all the bad things happen both to me and in the world.

When I started working Step Two, my Step work started demonstrating to me how limited my belief was. I began to explore and experience something greater than my limited imagination. And taking Step Three, “Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of a Higher Power as we understood Him,” resulted in relief from so much, including daily compulsive eating.

I don’t have an overarching image of a Higher Power, so I can’t try to impose that on you, but here are a few actions that help my HP help me:

  • I believe abstinence is a gift from my Higher Power, a gift that is always available. (I want to add, “if I but ask,” but Higher Power has a tendency to point me even toward that.) I’m better able to see and accept this gift when I do the footwork by using the Tools, especially meetings, telephone, literature, and sponsorship.
  • I believe “Help, please!” is a complete prayer. My responsibility post-prayer is to relax and watch Higher Power work.
  • I often ask my Higher Power to help me abstain from negative thinking. Higher Power always does, and in the most creative and unexpected ways.

Others in program teach me so much by being honest. Thank you, friend in OA, whoever you are, for showing up at meetings.

My experience, strength, and hope are that this program works, with the help of a Higher Power and when worked inexpertly, imperfectly, and messily. I’ve been doing so with the help and guidance of a Higher Power for twenty-nine years.

— Kate M., Aptos, California USA

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