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Dear One: I “DO”

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OA has been a blessing in my life since July 2016. Working through the Steps has given me a new perspective and a more intimate relationship with this Power greater than ourselves than I have ever had before.

I have called my Higher Power many names throughout my life (though “HP” is not one of them). I’d been ranting and raving to that Higher Power for years about why I wasn’t being helped to deal with my weight. (Nothing new there for any OA members, I’m sure; my weight had nothing to do with how I was eating, right?) I’d known about the Twelve Steps already and been given a Big Book about fifteen years ago by an alcoholic friend so I could understand her better. It never occurred to me to apply it to myself, but oh my, have I found out differently. I finally realized that I’d not been open enough to hear my Higher Power’s response to my rants and pleas for assistance.

A friend I met at a dance exercise program told me about OA, yet it still took me another six months to attend a meeting and check it out. After the first meeting where I cried and shared, I knew that my Higher Power had been trying to answer my rant-cries for many years. I had to laugh at myself because I’d thought I had a great connection already with HP.

I don’t like the word “God,” because it is very harsh sounding to me, and “HP” reminds me too much of a well-known corporation. So I kept asking for a name besides Higher Power, God, or Supreme Being. At a recent retreat, though, I was given a name I am so very comfortable with that it gives me a smile every time I use it: “Dear One” or “DO.” I laugh whenever I write those initials in my journal. Talk about a sense of humor—I only have to “DO’’ one day at a time and one meal at a time with my Dear One. Together, we’re a team to be reckoned with. Disease, watch out! You have no power over me with Dear One guiding me and working with me.

I am so blessed. I have made such deep discoveries and am slowly forgiving myself by DO-ing the Steps and laughing along the way with my Dear One and my incredible sponsor.

Remember to laugh along the way to open yourself to your own Dear One.

— Anonymous, California

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