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I’ve heard that a Higher Power can be anything or anyone but me. However, I do believe in listening to my own intuition and conscience, in addition to outside voices. I believe in God, but I don’t believe in a God who directly intervenes in my every interaction. Instead, God is embodied in appropriate others, in my case, my sponsors, the guidelines of my OA-HOW two-hour meeting format, my dietician, and my doctor.

I have a hard time with the Third Step as it is worded. I turn my food decisions over to the care of my dietician and my sponsor, and I follow OA-HOW two-hour meeting form guidelines, but do I turn my life and my will over to God as I understand him? There is no one who embodies God in all areas of my life. There is, however, my conscience, good or bad; and my sense of intuition, which I check regularly with trusted others—my wife, my children, and fellows who share the solution I’ve found.

I wouldn’t say I turn my life and will over to my intuition or conscience, but I do seek to listen to them, follow them, and act on them. I find further guidance as I work the rest of the Steps and study literature, such as the Big Book and AA Twelve and Twelve. I incorporate lessons I learn at Twelve Step meetings, on calls with my fellows, and through the work I do with my sponsees.

I don’t turn my life and will over with respect to anything but food. But I do hold my opinions more lightly; I find myself listening more closely to those around me. I am open to questioning my actions and decisions and open to consulting others when I feel unsure or, even more dangerous, overly certain.

How about this: I turn my life and my will over to my intuition and sense of conscience, and also to the intuition and sense of conscience of trusted others, just as I turn to the advice of trusted experts, such as doctors and a myriad of others.

— John-Eric R., Weybridge, Vermont USA

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