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Hi. My name is Laurie and I’m an overeater. I’ve found I can handle life on life’s terms much better when I work with the Tools in my program of recovery

I use the Serenity Prayer too. At the beginning of my recovery, my biggest challenge was my job because I was required to work near fresh-baked treats, sugary sweets, and fast food. I chose to abstain from all of them. I never counted how many times I had to say the Serenity Prayer back then, but I know there were days when I retreated to the restroom several times each hour to recite it. I found the power I needed in the Serenity Prayer.

Now, almost three years into my recovery and one day at a time, work is still my biggest daily challenge. While the food is no longer tempting, the people I work with can be maddening and frustrating. I am grateful it is now an automatic reflex to surrender and to let go and let God. I accept I am powerless over all other people, places, and things. I am only responsible for how I choose to respond. If I can’t find my serenity in surrendering, I say the Serenity Prayer. If my feelings are still overwhelming, I call or text a program friend or write my feelings down on paper. Reading literature always helps me find my center.

No person, place, or thing is worth as much as my recovery, and my recovery is my number-one priority. I make certain to hit at least one meeting weekly, but two is better when things aren’t going so smoothly. I also go to as many retreats as possible. I love the hunger for recovery that I find at retreats. It’s fun and relaxing to get away. There’s such intense focus, perhaps because we’re not pressed for time or distracted by chores or errands. We make our recovery the one and only priority for that day. Retreats always give me a super shot in the arm.

I hope my story encourages you. Together we get better.

— Laurie M.

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