Time Out

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I had been out of bed for exactly eight minutes, and the disease was right in my face, a force that almost knocked me over. I was totally into resentment. “Woe is me. It takes so long to prepare my abstinent breakfast. I could be doing other things.”

Then, quickly, powerfully, and closer, the voice of Higher Power. Today, it wasn’t the still, small voice, but a swift, hard kick in the behind.

“So, have you forgotten the hours you used to spend preparing your main trigger food? Have you forgotten how much time you spent running to convenience stores at all hours to try unsuccessfully to satisfy your addiction? Have you forgot ten pacing in front of the open fridge and grazing from one pantry cupboard to the next? Have you forgotten the hours you spent reading about the next diet that would be the final answer? What about your frenetic searching for lost things in piles you had procrastinated over while seconds of your life ticked away, never to return? What about the long moments of judging others or trying to control them? Enough of the pity party, please. Let’s hear some gratitude!”

My life has truly changed. I have more life, more freedom, more connection, more energy, more understanding, more relationships, more health, more joy, more commitment, more contribution, and more time. Thank you, Higher Power; thank you, program; thank you, Fellowship.

I pray you will all receive the blessings I have and that you will know ease in your recovery. Together we get better.

—K., Canada

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