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Lifeline Makes a Meeting

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Recently I went to visit a meeting to bring flyers, newsletters, and other materials from our intergroup. When I arrived, I couldn’t find the meeting or the members. They had been denied access to their regular meeting space because the facility was hosting another event.

I found them huddled around a table in the rear of the dining room. Although they each had a copy of For Today and Voices of Recovery, they didn’t have their Suggested Meeting Format or any other meeting materials. In my bag, I had an old Lifeline magazine, which just happened to be from that same month. Using Lifeline as a meeting format, we began by saying the Serenity Prayer, then read the Preamble, the Steps and Traditions, and the articles discussing the Step and Tradition of the month.

During our sharing time, we alternated between reading articles from Lifeline and using the daily readings in For Today and Voices of Recovery. We had a rich meeting using Lifeline as our format and thought stimulator!

Thanks to everyone who makes Lifeline and the other pieces of literature so helpful to us. Together, with our Higher Power, we get better.

— Rosanne K., Portland, Oregon USA

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