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I’m grateful to be abstinent, by the grace of God and the power of the Twelve Steps, for twenty-one years and five months. I’ve lost about 55 pounds (25 kg), and I’m blessed to be at goal weight.

Reading Lifeline expands my recovery and helps me see my recovery from a different perspective. Sometimes, I get stuck in my self-centered thinking, whether it’s based on health concerns, self-pity, or pride. When I read Lifeline, I get out of that kind of thinking, and my thoughts shift toward gratitude, humility, and honesty. Lifeline confirms the importance of practicing the Twelve Steps. It also helps me learn how to practice the Traditions in my personal life, which I think is exciting.

Reading Lifeline confirms that OA exists in places very different from where I reside. Reading Lifeline gives me a boost, and I can also write for Lifeline, which is a way for me to give back to this program. I’ve heard I cannot keep it unless I give it away.

Last year I became a Lifeline representative. One thing we do in my meeting is hold a Lifeline raffle. It has been so much fun to pass around the Lifeline raffle bucket, and once we get enough money, I ask someone to pull a name. It’s fulfilling to see who gets the subscription. I encourage the people I sponsor to be Lifeline representatives as well.

Thank you, OA, and thank you, God, for helping me stay abstinent one day at a time. — Cynthia Jane, Oregon USA

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