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I came to the West Coast broken in spirit, ashamed, and depressed. Last year I lost another 132 pounds (60 kg) and regained more than 80 pounds (36 kg) of it. This was common practice for me, a yo-yo cycle that had lasted more than fifty years. My mother died of diabetes and heart failure caused by obesity. Watching her have her lungs pumped out just to see her take her last breath made me realize I had to do something different or my life would be cut short too. I did not want to be unable to walk or care for my own body, to depend utterly on others to get my basic needs met.

So I talked at great length with my husband—I totally broke down and cried many tears. We decided I needed something very different because all the diets of the past had not worked. I went to oa.org and began researching, reading, and studying. I attended online meetings that first week, not sharing but listening. The second week, I went to my first face-to-face meeting. I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome I received, and my major fears were soon gone.

I found a sponsor and attended at least four meetings every day in person, online, or by telephone. I listened to podcasts. I worked with my sponsor on a plan of eating. I read everything I could read and began working the Steps. I shared at most of the meetings I attended, and I volunteered service. I worked my program as hard as I could. (My sponsor asked if I was ready to work really hard.) We began this journey together, inside a loving, caring program filled with people who understand and love me unconditionally and who helped me learn that it is okay for me to just be okay because I am still loved and worthy.

That was eighty-eight days ago, and I have been abstinent for eighty-eight days, giving up my trigger food of sugar and staying on my plan of eating. I am working with my Higher Power, my sponsor, and my entire recovery team, moment by moment, one day at a time, and it is saving my life.

My sponsor asked me to put away my scales and only weigh myself one time per month. After two months I have lost 15 pounds (7 kg), eating healthy food, not dieting. I know this is the lifestyle I will have from now on. My head is clearer than it has been for a long time, and I am happy. I know we’ve found something very good for me. My relationships are better—healthier—and I’ve formed new ones all around the world.

This is all brand-new to me, but I am so ready to continue this journey. I hope any new member reading this will take the steps necessary to get started and waltz along with us because my life is like a new and beautiful symphony!

— Mindy, California USA

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