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I Give What I Want

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I didn’t know what I needed when I came through the doors of OA. I wanted to lose weight, but it what I really needed was love and acceptance. I needed to find out how to love, accept, and respect myself and my relationship with my HP.

Today I give to others what I needed. I don’t talk down to newcomers. I don’t tell them what to do, think, or believe. I don’t try to be their Higher Power or authority.

We are promised we cannot fail after taking the Third Step. This matches my experience. I trust God is working in newcomers’ lives as God is working in mine. We are all equal and have the right to find what works for us and have our choices respected. We all make mistakes; this is normal and natural. I encourage others to ask themselves how they feel. What do they intuitively think they should do?

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but even if I was, it would be irrelevant in OA because we are anonymous. I am a member within a Fellowship. What we have in common is food addiction or obsession.

I want love, acceptance, and respect, so I give love, acceptance, and respect.

— Holly J., Bainbridge Island, Washington USA

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