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Learning More Each Day

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After several starts, I found myself knowing that OA was for me, thanks to the acceptance I got from longtimers and other members.

Attending meetings, finding a sponsor, learning to work the Steps, and using all the Tools and literature of OA in my program greatly improved my relationships with family and friends.

Once I obtained abstinence, I discovered what harm I had been doing to my body when I used sugar and flour, and I am so grateful to OA to know that as well.

I am still learning more each day through this wonderful program. By working with a sponsor, studying and working the Steps, and speaking up in meetings to share my experience, strength, and hope, I get helpful feedback from the Fellowship.

I also take time each day to work Steps Ten and Eleven, and today, for Step Twelve, I can write a letter to share with the Fellowship.

This journey is one day at a time and will be for my lifetime. I have learned so much, and I appreciate everyone I have talked to each day.

— E.K.C., Henrico, Virginia USA

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