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Recovery in the Air

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“So we clean house with the family, asking each morning in meditation that our Creator show us the way of patience, tolerance, kindliness and love” (Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., p. 83).

I walked my daughter down the aisle on Saturday. I was a proud mama! Proud of her for the woman she is and proud of myself for the mom I’ve become through recovery. I’ve learned patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love from the Twelve Steps, the Big Book, my sponsor, and all of you. And I saw the results up close through my daughter, who invited her father and his family even though they haven’t been much of a part of her life.

Before recovery, I would have gotten on my high horse and told everyone how awful her father was for abandoning us. I would have made it uncomfortable for his family, which would have also made it difficult for my daughter. Instead, because of recovery, I have dealt with my resentments by working the Steps, and I was able to welcome them as part of her family that she wanted at her wedding.

Patience, tolerance, kindliness, and love were part of the entire weekend, but they were especially in the air at the ceremony and reception. “Diseased me” would have made the weekend all about me, and I would have sucked all the goodness out of the celebration and ruined my daughter’s special day. “Recovered (not cured) me” was free of my past resentments and could simply be the me whom my HP would have me be.

— Cheryl M.

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