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A gratitude item of mine has been “Learning to slow my roll, so I can learn my role.” And it still holds true every day of my OA program of recovery. What a gift! When I slow down, my Higher Power can show me the right path to take, the right choices to make, the right words to say, the right process of thinking—all so I can be of service to others in the most honest and thorough way possible.

The only way to achieve greatness within OA’s beautiful program is to slow down and “learn thy role” in this crazy gift that is given so freely on a daily basis. For myself, when I neglect to slow down, other things come to the forefront of my life and try to sway my undivided attention to recovery. Things get muddled, and that glorious feeling of surrender starts to lose its shine.

What is your role? What does your Higher Power put forth for you? Will you notice it if you’re continuously busy? We get so busy with work, home, the Joneses, thinking too much, thinking of others, what have you, whatever—but stop. Right now.

Stop and smell the beautiful roses. Take in a sunset and feel the warmth it offers. Write in your journal. Make that phone call to check on someone you haven’t seen in a while. Listen to the birds, the frogs, the crickets . . . their stories are tremendous.

Slow down. Your role will present itself in full color, or if you’re lucky, even in blinking neon lights.

— Sam T., Kentucky USA

OA’s nine Tools of Recovery can help us hand over our problems and cravings to our Higher Power. Listen to three podcasts about the Tools at oa.org/podcasts.

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