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Every year at this time, I watch the neighborhood kids walk, bike, and skateboard back to school. They’re dressed in the newest styles and carry backpacks filled with colorful notebooks, art supplies, and new books to read. Maybe we can recapture some of that back-to-school feeling and boost our OA recovery program at the same time!

With school supplies on sale, it’s a great time to buy a notebook, gel pens, and a new set of colored markers—perfect for writing a Fourth or Tenth Step or a letter for our “God Can.”

A backpack is just right for keeping a journal, Lifeline issues, an OA Twelve and Twelve, and other recovery materials organized, portable, and immediately available. If a backpack isn’t your style, try an attractive tote bag instead.

How about a new lunchbox? Perhaps not a kid’s lunchbox, but discount and hardware stores often have a variety of styles and sizes available. Give your food plan and your budget a lift by packing your own healthy meals and snacks.

Buying new clothes is fun, but if it’s not in the budget, find a fun and inexpensive hat, tie, scarf, or necklace at a rummage sale or resale shop. As it says in our Just for Today wallet card: “I will look as good as I can [and] dress becomingly.”

Don’t forget the books (no algebra required)! Your intergroup office, bookstore.oa.org, and every OA meeting has a supply of OA-approved literature that will keep you interested and your program in tune.

Twelve Step school is in session! If you’re like me, you’re happy to be going too.

— Edited and reprinted from Out of the Cocoon newsletter, Milwaukee Area Intergroup, September/October 2006

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