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For me, the slogans are an amazing resource. When life is tough and I feel like I am running on an empty tank, the Steps can seem to be on a higher plane than I can reach. Even the Tools can seem like a lot of effort. But slogans are short, sweet, and easy to remember, and they carry a bucketful of recovery wisdom.

My most favorite slogan is K.I.S.S., or “Keep It Simple, Sweetie.” My old method of operation had been to over-complicate my life to a point where I was too paralyzed to begin anything. I learned the hard way (when I was pregnant and had a broken leg) that most of the things on my to-do list didn’t really have to get done at all, and if they did have to get done, they sure didn’t have to get done perfectly. The only things that had to get done “just so” were the things I needed to do to stay abstinent that day. When I take care of abstinence, other things seem to get done if they really need doing.

Which brings me to my other favorite slogan, “First things first.” Recovery has to come first, but then there are the people in my life, my responsibilities, taking care of myself, and other duties. When I ask my Higher Power to help me order my priorities, somehow I can sort out what needs to happen now and what can wait. I’m even able to see what only needs to get done in my own compulsive mind!

I had to remember “Easy does it” after a lovely but tiring afternoon at a memorial celebration for a program friend who had passed away. I was able to regroup and re-energize for what turned out to be an emotional day after. I thank my Higher Power and my program friends for all the resources I have been given that allow me to remain abstinent and live a full and meaningful life.

— Anonymous

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