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Walking Through the Feelings

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I joined OA about five years ago, when I’d lost all hope of knowing happiness or having a purpose. I had been in program twenty-five years earlier, but the lessons learned had all but faded away. I did remember, however, that I had lost weight and felt a sense of happiness, and I wanted that feeling to return.

My second time around brought me in touch with a sponsor very quickly. She took my hand and gently reintroduced me to the program. I began using a food plan and working the Steps. This time, I found a deeper appreciation and commitment. I lost weight and gained confidence, and I was very eager to work the Steps with my sponsor.

As I took my personal inventory in my Fourth Step, I became aware of feelings and experiences that I had locked away in a very deep part of my heart. I learned to expose these feelings, feel the pain as I worked through them, and then let them go. Twenty years of on-and-off therapy never offered me this tool, but the OA program did.

I continue to deal with negative emotions, which seem to appear whenever I face a challenge. I now have a place to take these emotions and turn them around for the good. Instead of allowing fear and anger to take over my life, I can use the Tools of this program to help me walk through each and every feeling. I find I am able to recognize what is going on and act accordingly, and come out on the other side with a positive attitude.

I don’t like the discomfort of challenges, but now I know they are given to me for a reason: I need to learn something. I never would have been able to figure this out on my own. Thank you, Overeaters Anonymous!

— Liz B., Chicago, Illinois USA

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