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In Dr. Bob’s Nightmare (Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., pp. 171– 181), Dr. Bob states four reasons for passing on what he has learned to others who badly want recovery. Among them is a sense of duty: “I am paying my debt to the man who took time to pass it on to me” (p.181).

Because I had sponsors who gave their valuable time to me, I believe I have a responsibility to pass along the message of what works for me in recovery to those wanting to stop eating compulsively. A sponsor/sponsee relationship should serve to help both stay abstinent and have a chance at sanity, just for today.

My new role is to be of service, and I need God’s help to shift my selfish and self-seeking behavior. I have been shown the Twelve Steps and given courage to work them with the support of God and fellows who have gone before me so I may help others who share my compulsion.

Most of the world does not understand how I think; but, I can walk into any OA meeting (or pick up the phone) and know that my words will be met with a nod or an understanding smile. Being listened to without judgement or the need to explain my thinking has been essential in enabling me to work the Steps with rigorous honesty. This is a priceless gift—in my experience, one only another recovering compulsive overeater can provide.

Dr. Bob recognized that each time he worked with another sufferer, he took out insurance against a slip. This has also been true for me. From working with others, I can spot the disease and its insane thinking more easily (it’s easier to see it in others than in myself). When I carry the message, I speak aloud about how I implement the Tools, work the Steps, and use the program during my day, so I am reminding myself of what I need to continue doing to be well, one day at a time.

Dr. Bob says working with others is a pleasure, yet this is a two-sided coin for me. People who want abstinence are the beautiful face of the coin; on the back are those who want to fight themselves, me, or the program so they can eat to feel better. I am thankful the Big Book gives me permission to let them go, because the others are indeed a pleasure to work with. In working with abstinent fellows, I receive evidence each day that this program works. I see and hear recovery. I’m given the opportunity to feel useful. Most important, abstinent fellows call me each morning. What a pleasurable gift that is.

—Sam P., London, England

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