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I decided to try phone meetings and to commit to ninety meetings in ninety days after hearing an OA member speak about them. I will be forever grateful to her for sharing about them that day.

As many of us do, I live in an area with limited access to face-to-face meetings. So my 90-in-90 began at a Sunday morning phone meeting with over forty people participating. It was great! I have since attended many phone meetings and heard fellow members share from all over the world. How amazing is that?!

During this commitment I traveled to the southern part of the state for a family vacation. Before leaving I checked and found no meetings in the area on the days I would be in town. I called the contact person and shared I was going to be in the area and would be doing 90-in-90. What do you know? They put together a wonderful meeting for me! I will be forever grateful for and amazed by the compassion and love we extend to each other to aid in our recovery from this disease.

This commitment gave my recovery the boost it needed to put abstinence and program first. I am grateful for the many ways we connect and share our experience, strength, and hope with one another. Even in areas with limited meetings and members, 90-in-90 is doable and fun.

— Edited and reprinted from Bitterroot News newsletter, Western Montana Service Board of Bitterroot Intergroup, June 2009

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