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Miracle of Meetings

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For me, meetings are the essential Tool, the base of the program. Without meetings, we would have nothing on which to hang the other Tools. Without meetings, we would have no ground from which to climb the Steps. Without meetings, we would have no hope of gaining serenity and no chance of attaining the abstinence necessary for recovery.

A meeting is much more than a group of compulsive overeaters sitting around a table with no food on it. It is a meeting of minds, hearts, and kindred spirits.

Meetings are lifelines that stretch from the insanity of disease to the serenity of recovery. Like people, meetings have different personalities and different focuses. Go to lots of meetings. Go several times to the same meeting. You will get different perspectives, ideas, and gifts of insight. The more you go, the more you’ll get and the more you can give.

Members share their experience, strength, and hope at meetings, but they also share much more. They share sorrow and joy, courage and despair, pain and progress, spirituality and practical suggestions, friendship and camaraderie.

Not only can we receive all this at a meeting, but also we get to share our gifts with others. Nothing helps me remain abstinent like the boost I get when someone comes up after a meeting and says, “Thank you for what you said; it helped me so much.” The true miracle of meetings is the opportunity to give back.

— Edited and reprinted from Recovery Today newsletter, Greater Seattle Intergroup, Summer 1998

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