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I give service for many reasons. My sponsor tells me to do it so I can remain abstinent. I do it to show others it’s not that difficult or scary.

The position I was most afraid of was group treasurer. I never liked dealing with money, so I knew it was important for my recovery and my growth to take on this position. Our previous treasurer walked me through what to do, and I found it much easier than I had feared. Fear means “Face Everything And Recover,” right? I felt a sense of accomplishment. Knowing I contributed to our group’s future by paying our rent also felt good.

After six months, it was time for me to turn this position over to someone else, even though I was not ready to let it go. I realized allowing another member the opportunity to grow and recover like I did was the right thing to do. I believe it is as important for me to let go of a service position when my term is complete as it is to actually give the service.

I’m not sure what my next service position will be, but for today, I have the key to open next week’s meeting. Service keeps me coming back.

— Susie T., Frederick, Maryland USA

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