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Oceans of Recovery

Thank you for publishing my story, “Walking Through It” (September 2019, p. 4). I forgot to add an important piece of information: I have fully recovered from my illness by God’s grace. Seems like a fairly important detail! Since recovering, I’ve taken up boogie boarding (in my 60s—who knew?). An OA friend and I hop in the cold Pacific, ride teeny waves, and hoot and holler. Amazing how much time opens up when you put down the food.

You never know what Higher Power has in store, what a gift life is, and how powerful the gift of OA is. Thanks again for a wonderful magazine. — Jean W., Aptos, California USA


On the Money

“Million to One: A God Shot” (July 2019, p. 16) was right on the money. I could really identify. I, too, had only recently been following that game show when the episode mentioning OA aired. I was stunned to hear the clue: “the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop consuming food compulsively.” Wow! How great was that?! Learning that online searches for OA nearly doubled that day was wonderful, and the clue fit perfectly in the “Do Over” category. Imagine the person who created the answers deciding to include that. God surely works in mysterious ways.

My life certainly was in jeopardy when I came into OA at well over 300 pounds (136 kg), clueless about how to stop eating compulsively. I had already tried countless diets, pills, and programs but never stayed with any of them long enough to even get to a healthy weight, let alone maintain it.

God has indeed helped me do what I never dared to even dream of doing. Thanks to OA, I have been at a healthy weight for going on twenty years. Thank you, Lifeline, for such an amazing article. — Susie


Wiser on Paper

I read in one of the world service newsletters that OA is going to stop publishing Lifeline magazine at the end of 2020 and replace it with a new online platform.

Interestingly, I just listened to a broadcast by a neuroscientist about research comparing our ability as humans to think critically and feel when we read information in print media versus electronic media. To put it simply, we are taking in a higher volume of information from electronic media than ever before, but we are decreasing in our ability to think critically and develop feelings about what we take in. Print media is the better way to obtain information, use it to become wiser, and learn through feeling how it affects us.

To me, what is printed in Lifeline needs to be thought about critically and induce feelings in us. I hope you will reconsider the decision to stop printing Lifeline. I will not be participating in an online platform. Davilyn E., Canada


Just What I’ve Felt

Oh my, what would I do without Lifeline? The words on pages 13–15 of the August 2019 issue (“The Essential Me” and “Many Forms of Footwork”) say just what I’ve felt doing the footwork and understanding how to communicate with HP/ God. I gratefully thank the writers and publishers. — Dorene, Salem, Oregon USA

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