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Food tortured me from youth until I was 73 years old. It took me thirty years to make Step One.

One day, three different Twelve Step friends suggested I write what I wanted from OA. Three different people on the same day? Sounds like a message from my Higher Power, whom I call Beloved. Here is what I wrote:

  1. I want even more love from you, my Beloved, more confidence, more trust, and reliance; I want you to initiate my recovery, as you always do.
  2. I want to rely on you and not my pride; I want to reach instinctively to humility and not to pride or self-hate, the roots of my white-knuckling.
  3. I want your will.
  4. I want to share my experience, strength, and hope.
  5. I want OA friends and an end to isolation.
  6. I want to awaken to our love.
  7. More than anything I want you, my Beloved. You are the desire of my heart.
  8. I want every barrier between us removed. All these desires of my heart, I know you will give me. They are your desires as much as mine.

Not long after writing this list I had a spiritual awakening, which has given me recovery.

— Karl Y.

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