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Dodging Curveballs

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When life throws me a curveball, I work the Twelve Steps around it. Today is a fitting example. I realized a large part of my almost-completed school project was missing. Somehow the last four and a half hours of work had disappeared! With final exams looming, my eyes welled up with tears. Nothing anyone could offer was a consolation. In the restroom, I thought about how nice it would be to have an early lunch.

Funny, isn’t it? Even after more than seven years in program, my mind still reverts to filling my stomach as a means of pain management. I was kind to myself when I realized where my thoughts were going. It’s normal for humans to want pain relief, only now I understand that overeating provides relief from one pain while bringing a mess of other pains to my door.

Almost unconsciously, I worked the first Three Steps around my dilemma. Step One: I’m powerless over the loss of my work. Step Two: I believe a power greater than myself can help me through this. Step Three: I surrender my will to my Higher Power. Relief was slow but steady. Two classmates offered me hugs, which helped. Their kindness is Higher Power’s way of showing me I’m supported.

I asked myself, “Now what?” The answer rang through: Use a Tool! We have a number to choose from—sponsorship, writing, literature, telephone, meetings, plan of eating, action plan, anonymity, and service. I decided to write this article because I’m hitting two Tools at once: writing and service. By taking this action, I’m also utilizing my plan of eating, which is to eat when physically hungry and stop when full. Getting out of my muck helps my mind regain balance. Writing an article feels ten times better than eating a meal when my body is not ready for it.

Sitting in abstinence while writing this email may someday give hope to a compulsive overeater who is still suffering. If I can stay abstinent with the help of Higher Power, the Steps, and our Tools, so can you! Thank goodness for email. This article can’t get lost during the “save” process! Wishing you all a peaceful day.

— Lisa B., San Francisco, California USA

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