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Staying on Point

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Have you ever started a conversation with someone and from the beginning of the talk to the ending the purpose or focus or topic changed five or six times, whereby the end of the conversation was miles away from the subject that was initially discussed?

Personally, this diversion frustrates me; however, it’s human nature. It happens to us all, and it happens all the time, to the point that the spiritual fruit of patience teaches us to endure such an occurrence—to be patient, silently listen, and remain open in the mind and heart to understand and show empathy toward the other person’s point of view.

Now take this principle from a micro level of a conversation to a macro level of an organization, professional system, or social establishment. How do we as humans remain focused on the point at heart? Thus, we see the Fifth Tradition. It acts as a compass pointing our organization of Overeaters Anonymous toward the correct objective. It helps us stay on track so when others enter the group as a whole, the message of the program is not waived or lost in confusion.

Let’s keep our vision clear; then we can reach our goal of abstinence. Let’s respect the values of the Fifth Tradition.

— Tony B.

Improve your group’s ability to carry the message with the Strong Meeting Checklist and OA Group Inventory. Find both files in the Document Library on oa.org under category “Secretary Materials.”

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