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Step 6: Wishy-Washy

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I recently had to change out my dishwasher. That doesn’t seem like a big thing, but I put it off as long as I could. I used duct tape for months to keep the front panel on. Even after I needed extra rinses to get the dishes clean, I still took a couple of weeks to order a new dishwasher.

Then I had anxiety about the new one coming. It would be different. Would it work as well? Would I have trouble loading it? Maybe it wouldn’t be as good as the old one.

I really didn’t have the anxiety long, because in our program, I have learned to identify my feelings and figure out what to do. I realized I was afraid of the change and wanted to hold on to what I was comfortable with.

Once I realized this, it was easy to move on. The old dishwasher wasn’t working and didn’t even look good because of the duct tape. Why would I want to keep it? Just because it was known to me? By doing Step Six, I learned that I sometimes want to keep my old way, even if it doesn’t work for a new healthy life, simply because I am comfortable with the old and it is known to me.

Thank you so much for OA, where I am learning how to live in ways that help me move forward and be healthy.

— Marjorie K., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan USA

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