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Along with other OA literature that I read daily, I have developed a habit of reading the Step for each corresponding month in the AA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. This morning, I started reading the first page of Step Seven, and two phrases stood out.

“The attainment of greater humility is the foundation principle of each of A.A.’s Twelve Steps” (p. 70). This reminded me that I have been gathering humility since I surrendered my food in Step One over nine years ago. Each time I surrender, I am adding to this well of humility that is growing within me.

The second phrase that stood out demonstrates my experience of humility: “humility as a way of life” (p. 70). Connecting with my spiritual source, seeking guidance and following it, asking for spiritual help—all are part of my daily practice and enable me to live in a state of humility in a way that was not possible when my self-will was in charge.

For years, my focus in Step Seven has been on the word “humbly.” This morning, the work “asked” jumped out. Asking for help demonstrates humility, willingness, and trust in my spiritual source. Today I am willing to grow deeper in humility through Step Seven.

— Atiya M., Raleigh, North Carolina USA

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