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I rely on the Principle of Step Six, “willingness,” one day at a time. I am willing to:

  • take Step One (and continue to take Step One daily)
  • work with a sponsor: get honest and drop the excuses and justifications that had taken over my life
  • discuss my trigger foods and trigger behaviors, make a food plan, pray about it, write it, and commit it to another human being
  • find a Higher Power and talk to this Higher Power about everything
  • step out of the vicious circle of addiction and choose HP every time
  • look at where I was wrong and share it with Higher Power and another human being
  • examine my character defects and know that HP is working on those things in me
  • give all of me to HP, good and bad, the character defects I already know about and the onion layers of defects HP is continuing to show me
  • rely on Higher Power’s timing and not force my own
  • continue to talk to Higher Power, even when I don’t want to or when excuses creep back in
  • adjust my food plan when I become aware of new trigger foods or behaviors
  • continue working with my sponsor and telling that person even the little things
  • continue working the Steps daily: they only work if I work them

I am willing to look at all of me, not just my food. I’m realizing that if I use this willingness, not just for a diet but for my whole life, it can change my life. Just for today, I choose to be willing!

— Edited and reprinted from OA Today newsletter, St. Louis Bi-State Intergroup, June 2017

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