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My “home” has been under renovation for the past sixty-five years.

When I first walked into OA rooms in 1977, my home was mangled, beaten down, and full of holes. My efforts alone were not working, but it was hard to trust the process. I had failed so many times, and I did not want to wait—I was constantly frustrated. Something was missing.

Through listening to my peers, I found out that nine key ingredients, bonded together, would support my healing and construction. “Nine!” I shrieked. But before I could use them, I had to become honest and willing to listen. I had to stop trying so hard; I had to just surrender and let others help take care of me and my structure.

I had to find a plan of eating free of all my addictive foods and behaviors and work hard to accept that some foods had to be eliminated completely. A nutritionist helped me.

I had to go to meetings to get with others who had some solid suggestions.

I had to find a wise woman who could lead and direct me so I could get out of my own way: a sponsor. My sponsor suggested I make some phone calls to others who could help me put this house up. Each person I called had lots of wisdom on how to link my work together.

Then this wise woman told me to read and write, and keep lots of literature and brochures by my side so I could refer to the manuals for construction. She also instructed me not to use any names of other contractors, so I would not jeopardize their building licenses.

My sponsor told me to do service to help other people build their own houses. I began feeling more confident about passing on the information I so freely had been given. My home was coming together, one brick at a time.

The last construction tool I began to use was a plan of action: I planned how to do all this, one day at a time.

All the screws and bolts were attaching more securely than they had in all the years I’d tried to build alone. Joy, peace, and serenity were filling my soul. I was feeling stronger, empowered to work on this construction. It was all coming together except for one detail: I needed a foundation to hold my house up. I discovered that this foundation is a powerful entity I had been missing all along; my God. I am now blessed with all I need to plan, build, and stand tall in my house. It’s still being constructed and reconstructed with new walls, doors, and windows, but everything is secure and balanced.

Now my house is on a solid foundation and evolving into a beautiful home. My supports are anchored, and I am ever so grateful. Thank you, my dear God, for your strength and support. Thy will, not mine, be done.

— Susan S., Vero Beach, Florida USA

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