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Following HP’s Path

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New Year’s resolutions are magical thinking: Tomorrow I’ll lose weight, quit overeating, exercise, eat only low-fat, or only fat, or only whatever else is the fad of the day. By July I’ll lose 100 pounds (45 kg), life will be perfect, and other insane fantasies.

An action plan is sanity: Today I’ll follow a food plan, exercise, and use the Tools and Steps of program.

I don’t have to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will soon become today. If I use the Tools and the Steps one day at a time, I’ll recover from compulsive overeating and stay in recovery. Then weight and many other problems will be overcome.

The remarkable outcome is that our relationships improve because we have a spiritual awakening. This spiritual awakening can bring peace and serenity because we can turn our problems over to our HP.

A resolution to be abstinent or peaceful or not diabetic or not fat or whatever just doesn’t work. That’s self-will. An action plan is following HP’s path to serenity.

— Betty, San Antonio, Texas USA

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