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Thank you for Lifeline magazine. My latest issue arrived two days ago, and, as always, it gave me insight, contact, Tools, and a feeling of connection.

About fourteen years ago, I lived in Houston, Texas. I was sick of my obsessive eating behavior and sick of resorting to strict diets or fasts to make up for bingeing. I had heard about OA and seen the quiz with the Fifteen Questions on the oa.org website, questions to help determine whether one is a compulsive eater. I’d answered “yes” to all fifteen. I made my lucky phone call asking for help.

I went to a couple of different OA groups. They worked for their members but did not feel right for me. Then I found a warm and loving group that felt like a comedy club. People shared serious issues and stories, but we often laughed out loud, and I just loved going to meetings.

Then I moved to rural Scotland. The closest face-to-face meeting is over two hours away—so I rely on Lifeline to give me the sharing stories I so love in OA groups.

Whenever I visit England or the United States, I look forward to going to meetings and actually being around other people who share my same problems. I still think of food obsessively, but by praying and refraining from eating my trigger foods (sugar and flour), I can stay abstinent. In OA, I am welcomed and accepted by people of many sizes and ages. We all share the same obsessions with food.

I cannot eat like “normal” people, but I can stick to my eating plan and no longer have to stop eating or use unhealthy diets.

Thank you to all who share in Lifeline and OA meetings.

— Constance W., Alyth, Scotland

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