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Sustaining Actions

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Working my program by attending special-topic meetings that use the OA-HOW meeting format has taught me how to create an action plan. I’ve also developed the muscle to sustain it and the self-discipline to follow it. Here are ten things that help me work my action plan:

  1. Remember abstinence. Abstinence is the most important thing in my life without exception.
  2. Take my prescribed medications. I take medicine with humility. I admit when I need strong medications for health problems, and I am not arrogant when I don’t have to take medicines. One of my medications is an injection. OA is a great benefit to me there, because someone from my group often gives me the injection.
  3. Follow my food plan. I plan where and when I will be eating today and pack accordingly.
  4. Plan my food plan. What are my foods? Do I have them or do I need to shop?
  5. Exercise. I’m in a wheelchair, so I do daily floor exercise to keep as physically independent as I can. Working the OA program is something I can do from a wheelchair, and I’m grateful for that.
  6. Communicate with my sponsor. I honor my commitments to my sponsor and the serenity that is the result.
  7. Communicate with my sponsees. I honor my commitments to my sponsees: “for this I am responsible.”
  8. Make spiritual contact. A morning meditation and a nightly Tenth Step are the basic minimums in my routine. I foster as much conscious contact as I can.
  9. Sleep. I sleep twelve hours and honor that need of my body. Getting that sleep means my twelve hours awake can be powered by my HP.
  10. Give service. Having something to give back is a self-esteem boost from this awesome program.

— Carrie A., Centralia, Washington USA

OA offers OA-HOW meetings and other special topic and special focus meetings for members who need to work their program a specific way to find recovery. Click Find a Meeting on oa.org and select “Advanced Search” to learn more about these meetings. You can also find virtual meetings, including phone, online, and non-real-time meetings.

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