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Today, I Will Be There

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It suddenly dawned on me: the problem with the strength of our nearby meetings was me. I wasn’t sitting in a chair every meeting. It had never occurred to me before that my non-attendance would make any difference. But what if a newcomer came to a meeting and no one was there? How would it affect a person who braved the walk into that room if they found nobody to greet them?

A new day began: my Higher Power made it very clear that having a strong meeting meant that my behind needed to be seated in a chair! When I am willing to be in attendance, it makes my local meeting stronger. Things changed, and I began making it a priority to attend my local meeting. I did service by taking the key to open up the meeting room, setting up and taking down chairs, serving as the designated person for secretary and treasurer positions, making outreach calls to members who were missing, and additional outreach calls to those who did attend. I led meetings and shared my most honest truths. I listened intently to other’s shares and cried and laughed with my fellows. I cared: my meeting mattered.

But the reason to attend a meeting is not only to make sure someone is there; it’s also to help myself become stronger in program. And because of my own growth, the meeting itself became stronger for me! All I had to do was show up!

Making meetings strong comes from within each of us. Our attendance makes a local meeting stronger as we share our personal program, serve, and participate in whatever ways we can. Others will come and go—that is their business. It is up to me to be sure I’m working my program to the best of my ability so others will see there is a solution: the Twelve Steps. For that to happen, someone has to be there. Today, I will be there, sitting in my seat and waiting to see what Higher Power asks of me.

It all begins with my honest respect of program, Higher Power, and me. I make sure my behind is in that seat each week, and I make sure I participate and serve to the best of my ability. It matters. My local meeting is stronger because I am stronger.

— Anonymous

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