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Felling, Not Eating

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Before OA, I was an emotional eater. I used to eat every time I was anxious, sad, or afraid. At times, when I was bingeing, I tried to stop—but I couldn’t. I had to finish the whole pack of whatever I was eating, as if I was a prisoner of the food.

I tried many diets, but none worked. Every Monday was a new start to dieting, but I couldn’t keep it up. I tried diet pills; I lost a lot of weight, but my anxiety was tremendous. When I stopped taking the pills, I was miserable and thinking about food twenty-four hours a day. I gained all the weight back plus more.

When I found OA, I started following a nutritious food plan. I got a sense of freedom by eating every four or five hours with nothing in between. Having a sponsor was also very helpful. She was someone I could talk with every day about my feelings and worries.

Another Tool that helped me to change was meetings. By going to meetings and seeing there are a lot of people out there with similar problems, I see we can all help one another.

Now I’m free of compulsive eating, and it’s a wonderful feeling. I have tough days as anybody does, but I don’t eat over my feelings anymore. This is a miracle! — Tania F

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