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I wanted to write this weeks ago, and now with all that’s changed and slowed down in the world, I can do service and write. May all of you be well and cared for.

In “Send Us Your Stories” in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue, one of the topics listed was “Breaking and Mending Relationships.” I must say, when I first read that I thought it said “Baking and Mending.” Sure was a good mistake to write in about! I am glad I’m not a baker—but that was my go-to: I think I would run from relationships and then check out with sugar and food. Sad but true.

I’m grateful that I have been out of the sugar since the spring of 2002. Before then, I didn’t know how to deal with feelings and people, but today I do, and I’m still learning at 60 years old.

I also just wanted to say thank you for Lifeline. It has been a wonderful tool—a line to grab on to through life’s ups and downs. When you do stop printing, I will miss you and all the wonderful and helpful sharing.

Always in loss, I feel guilty: I should’ve/would’ve/could’ve written Lifeline more often. But I’m sure glad I’m in recovery today, and today, I am writing to you. Thank you, Lifeline.

— Bill C., New Jersey USA

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