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Last January, I celebrated OA’s 59th birthday, my 76th birthday, and two years of continuous abstinence.

I went to my first meeting with a couple of buddies who were already in OA. I was beat and knew I needed a Twelve Step program to start crawling my way out of the abyss of compulsive overeating. I knew I was powerless over food, and I wanted help.

I started going to a couple of different meetings a week that were close to where I lived. One, in particular, was a literature based meeting. It was there that I learned about the Tools and became willing to do as suggested. I surrendered “my program” and jumped with both feet into the OA program.

As suggested, I have identified and eliminated my trigger foods. Another suggestion I have followed is to eat only at designated mealtimes and nothing in between. It has also been helpful to purchase smaller plates for meals and record everything I eat with an online app. Weighing portions has been a big help, but I have often relied on my “eye scale” (and the eye scale needs recalibrating from time to time).

With the online app, I’ve been able to set a target weight and time frame to achieve it and then set a calorie goal to obtain it. I have lost a total of 98 pounds (44 kg) and have been maintaining an 85- to 90-pound (39- to 41-kg) loss for seven months as of this writing.

Working through The Twelve Step Workbook of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition with another buddy, I took an honest look at myself in relation to others and food. The Step work also allowed me to expand my relationship with my Higher Power, so prayer and meditation are now part of my routine every morning. I do not leave the house without inviting my Higher Power into my day. Being of service in my home group and intergroup and attending two meetings a week keeps the program fresh in my mind. I can be a fast forgetter if I slack off attending meetings. T

oday, I’m a reasonably happy person, comfortable in my own skin. I’m much better health-wise in several respects and more pleasant to be around. Life hasn’t gotten any better for me (life is still life), but I have gotten better with my Higher Power and Overeaters Anonymous. No longer must I run to food to deal with life’s potholes or joys. Happy birthday, Overeaters Anonymous! — Fred W., Kalamazoo, Michigan USA

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