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When I first became aware of the Traditions, I could see how important they were. And without Tradition Seven, we would have no OA, because how can any organization run without funding?

When one member of OA is not able to contribute much, all of us can contribute more to ensure that the expenses are met. The whole concept of Tradition Seven, I believe, is not being dependent on anyone, and this entails deliberate generosity on our part.

If our intergroups had little support, their vital services would falter, and the losers would be those of us who want meetings to increase in strength and number for our own recovery. Other OA service bodies, such as regions, stage conventions, publish newsletters, and help new groups and intergroups. It is troubling when people question the value of these services. Communication is necessary for recovery. OA has paid special workers, such as those at the World Service Office, but volunteer work is vital to the continuing work of OA as a whole.

There are costs involved in publishing. With the increase of technology, there may come a time when no physical publishing will be done and our literature is only published digitally. OA will need to keep abreast of the changes.

It is good to remember that OA is not a charitable organization. No one can control OA through large donations. However, many people do not even carry coins these days (except to take to OA meetings). The likelihood of a cashless society might make the Seventh Tradition bag or basket unnecessary, but what will take its place? Some OA members are using online ways to contribute, even setting up automatic payments. Personally, I will do whatever it takes to help keep meetings going (and my intergroup, Region Ten, and the WSO). It takes planning for me to have my cash contributions ready, and this is further discipline that helps me maintain my recovery.

Our intergroup offers tea and coffee, but none of the Hamilton New Zealand OA meetings do. The value of such items can be fellowship.

One thing I do know: as long as I keep coming to OA, contributing is part of my recovery. I’ll contribute what I can to cover expenses for the small groups, our intergroup and region, and WSO. Generosity will keep me from becoming self-centered.

— Anonymous

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