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I’m from a very diverse area and have been in OA for forty-three years. I noticed the cover of the March Lifeline has only white people represented. We’ve had a lot of discussion about race in OA, and it’s caused our meetings to become aware of this kind of lack of understanding of racial issues. Can we do something to apologize for the cover? I hope the WSO can become more aware of what might offend people so all feel welcome.

— Dennis K.

The first thing I notice about the March cover is the people pictured do not represent diversity. They all look young, Caucasian, and slim. A more diverse group of people would better represent OA members.

I am a faithful fan of Lifeline and have read every issue for sixteen years Thank you all for your service!

— Sonja, Louisville, Kentucky USA

Thank you for Lifeline. I am a decade-long, loyal fan and get so much out of every issue. I’d like to share about the March cover. I am grateful that, in OA, we are called to unity with diversity. To me, this photo displays a glaring lack of diversity regarding age, race, and body types—it even depicts only a certain type of workplace. I hope bringing this up enhances our commitment to diversity in OA as we go forward.

— Stephen L., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

I realize you are attempting to show that people in the workplace are using the Steps, but the cover for March makes me think of marching into concentration camps, and the way it’s pictured makes me feel like they’re compliantly walking to the gas chambers. Others I have spoken to say it reminds them of people in the US who were removed from their homes and put in camps. I know you’re trying to find pictures to depict the message you want to get across. Often pictures remind people of different stories.

— Connie R.

I’m so stunned with the cover of this month’s Lifeline! It so totally lacks inclusivity! They’re all young white people! It doesn’t begin to represent our program or meetings! Blew it with this one! That said I’ve been loving the steady improvement in Lifeline over the last years, just loving it!

— Thana C. California USA

Editor’s note: Thank you all for bringing the March cover to our attention. We apologize for the lack of diversity shown and will add your feedback to our image-selection practices.

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