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The June 1 readings in For Today and Voices of Recovery are both about Step Six. The way I practice and understand this Step today involves my perspective. As I grow in relationship with my loving Higher Power through the process of surrender and trust, I see myself differently.

Instead of seeing myself as flawed or defective, I see myself as a divine creature of my loving Higher Power. Each part of me, my thoughts, feelings, and actions, serves a purpose on my spiritual journey. From this perspective, I am able to relax and let go of any thoughts, feelings, or actions that no longer serve.

When I have a negative reaction to a person or situation, it is often because I am feeling afraid. At these times, I am forgetting to think of myself as a divine creation. I may feel afraid that another person is demanding more than I can give (trying to use me as their Higher Power). I may feel afraid that my needs will not be met—a fear born of expecting others to take care of me instead of taking responsibility for myself. In recovery, I have learned to take responsibility.

Step Six is an opportunity to pause, to take some time and check in with myself, and to look at my feelings and actions. If my actions are not in alignment with my divine self, it is often because I am not taking care of myself. Pausing to reconnect with my Higher Power allows me to relax and rest in her loving care. I can feel my feelings without them becoming me. I can release other people from my expectations. I can once again live in harmony with myself.

Step Six is an important way for me to gauge my spirituality in the moment and align myself with my highest and best good. I am then available once again to be used by my Higher Power and to be of service to others and myself.

— Atiya M., Raleigh, North Carolina USA

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