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My first region convention was quite an adventure. I was nervous and apprehensive but knew I needed to volunteer for service, so I volunteered to be a greeter for the first evening. My thought process was that it would be hard to mess up that job.

I reported on time for my service and found I was partnered with a longtimer, a very experienced OA member. Our assignment was to greet people at the front door of the small hotel we were in. Our convention was the only one the hotel was hosting.

I watched my partner greet members as they arrived for registration, and I joined in. As time went on, I noticed she would ask people if they wanted a hug. I thought I would do the same.

A senior gentleman arrived when it was my turn to greet. I asked him if he wanted a hug. “Sure,” he said.

After I hugged him, he said, “What group is this meeting here?” He said this in a way that sounded as if he wanted to join us. But come to find out, he had come a week early for a different event.

I was mortified. The registration people and a few others, including my sister-in-law realized what had just happened and witnessed the look on my face.

That was not my last region convention, and, sure enough, every single year I go, I have to hear again about that awkward, funny moment from those who witnessed it. And we all laugh again.

— Cindy T.

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