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The Addict Mask

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It is not my job to fight the addict.
It has never been my job to fight the addict.
I can’t fight the addict.
The addict is too strong and powerful for me.
The addict is nasty. He plays by no rules.
He lies, cheats, steals, and will do anything to destroy me.

The addict wears a mask:
This mask is me.
He looks like me, talks like me, sounds like me;
I cannot tell us apart.
I cannot put a credit card between us.
His voice is not higher or lower than mine.
There is no doorbell ringing to warn me he is here.

I think he is me.
I believe I am listening to myself.
I believe his words, but he isn’t me.
He is not truth.
I need help with discernment.

I cannot fight the addict.
God fights the addict.
God wrestles the addict, battles the addict.
God goes to war with the addict.

I have to be diligent. This is WAR for me.
I must have a Power greater than myself to help me.
I have my part; my part is to work
the Overeaters Anonymous program.

Attend meetings
Get a sponsor
Study the Big Book
Work the Steps
Do service—take action—do my part, and

God removes the addiction.
God overpowers the addict.

The addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful,
but the program is more powerful.
The program has God.

— Anonymous

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