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The only way I know to work my program is to work my program. When something is disturbing me, I need to recognize what in me is niggled. Recently, I have been feeling less than serene about the lack of long-term abstinence at our small meetings. When we do get newcomers in the door, members who have been around for some time but by their own admission are not in physical abstinence usually refer the newcomer to the two members who do have abstinence. While their availability is, of course, fantastic, it is also quite a demand on those two members, and it has made me ask questions of myself about a few things pivotal to my program and the continuation, one day at a time, of my steady, God-given abstinence:

  • How many people am I currently sponsoring? Just right, too many, or not enough?
  • Am I actively working the Steps with my sponsees and meeting them on a regular basis to discuss their writing?
  • Do I keep sponsees moving through the Steps and discourage procrastination and complacency?
  • Am I encouraging sponsees to have daily contact with another compulsive overeater?
  • Am I suggesting passages from the Big Book that lay recovery foundations? Do I keep adding to these suggestions as recovery grows?
  • Do I ensure awareness of all OA approved literature?
  • Am I enabling food planning that is less than sensible? Is the food plan being committed daily if this is the requirement? (I do make it a requirement for newcomers.)
  • Am I encouraging my sponsees to sponsor? If not, why not?
  • Am I suggesting they write stories to share in Overeaters Anonymous newsletters and publications?
  • Am I doing enough service personally, and am I urging my sponsees to give service at any level, be that putting out chairs or attending intergroup?
  • Am I stepping back when needed and letting go of prideful control?

As I record responses to these questions of myself, some of my answers have caused a little prick in my conscience: have I become weary in my pursuit of paying recovery forward?

Please God, lift me from any “comfy chair of complacency” and keep me active and alive in my recovery. I know of no better way than to give service. To grow a family of recovering compulsive overeaters, I need to keep attracting those who want what I am so graciously being given, one day at a time, as I commit to you, my God, and heed your voice within. When I am disturbed, there is something in me that needs attending to. God, keep my focus on my side of the street, release me from judgment of others, and alert me to the ways I can be of maximum usefulness today.

— Heather

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