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Tradition One: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon OA unity.

Nothing bonds relationships more comfortably than a common enemy. People are willing to put their differences, opinions, and beliefs aside when that common root helps everybody overcome. This is the heart that pumps the blood of OA. In the rooms, we all suffer from the same problem. The idea that we should “unite to fight” is appealing. Although addiction has a way of haunting people into believing they should walk with their disease in isolation, OA brings comfort: we do not have to fight alone.

Our common welfare—being unified for the still-suffering addict so he or she can find strength—is what helps people most. People usually do not want to admit they’re too weak. It’s embarrassing for us to say we’ve been defeated. Meanwhile, our egos can carry our pride right down a river of dismay.

Let’s unite with the group. It’s what we’re here for. We don’t have to dance alone; the beat of the drum calls everyone by name. We’re a family, not outsiders. We may not always feel this way, but it’s true.

Tradition One keeps this message true for all. The common unity of gaining abstinence for the suffering addict; yes, this purpose serves for all who walk into the OA rooms. This unity keeps the group together and gives a foundation for a program to grow. It’s good soil for the fruit of recovery, and it serves a purpose: this can be an answer for all suffering addicts. Let Tradition One stand as a pillar of hope for those who have come a long way searching for it.

— Tony B.

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