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Simplicity and Beauty

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Before program, I dealt with work, family, and friendship challenges through power and manipulation.

Tradition Two taught me another way. It suggests we serve and let HP govern. When faced with a difficulty in an OA group, Tradition Two gives me step-by-step instructions: (1) ask for guidance from HP; (2) discuss the issue carefully; (3) vote; (4) trust HP’s will. This is much simpler than manipulation. Plus, I can feel good about myself and let go.

Recently, I went to my home group and shared that I was beginning to feel resentful because the same core group of members were continually filling all of the service positions. Our Traditions tell us this is unhealthy for the group and benefits neither the people continually doing service nor those doing no service.

Tradition Two tells us that we take turns filling service offices in OA in the same way that family members might take turns doing household chores. After I shared my concerns, several members voiced insecurities about doing service. After they were assured they would be supported in their service, we had several first-time meeting leaders, a new treasurer, and a new intergroup representative.

The beauty of the group conscience for me is that I learn to express myself in an adult way. In the end, my recovery as a whole is strengthened.

— Anonymous

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