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I thought I had the OA program down. I knew what I needed to do. I had a plan of eating, and I worked my program. Everything was going great—or so I thought. After years of being abstinent and following my food plan, things began to change. Inexplicably, I started gaining weight. After going to a doctor with complaints of pain and being told I had a problem, I still had no advice about what I needed to do.

Then, I finally got the message from my Higher Power. I was going to have to change something. At first, I was very resistant because, after all, I had lost weight and maintained for years.

I started praying for an answer to my problem and also for willingness to accept whatever it was I needed to do. I consulted a person who could tell me what was going on with my body. I was given some reading to do. After doing the reading and praying for willingness, I was able to change my plan of eating. I also had to change other things in my life; I had to start filtering the water I drink and the water I bathe in because of newly developed allergies. I have not yet lost all the weight I gained, but I am on my way. My health is better now.

I learned something: What worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. I have to be open and willing to change when needed. It was the hardest thing to accept that I needed to change—I was almost at the point of quitting OA when I decided to pray for the answer and the willingness to accept whatever it might be. This program kept me coming back. Working the Steps and Tools eventually got me to the point of looking for a solution and finding what needed to be done. The support of my sponsor and others at the meetings helped me too. To make progress, I have to practice the Steps and the program, one day at a time. I thank God for helping me get past the stubbornness of wanting to just keep on doing what I was doing, instead of progressing to where I needed to be.

— Amy R., Schriever, Louisiana USA

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