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I was “struck abstinent” on April 20, 2016. I used to think being struck abstinent meant it was permanent, but it isn’t. I work very hard to maintain my abstinence. Abstinence for me means eating three meals plus two snacks daily, with no sugar, fast food, or anything from my “red light” list. This is my action plan:

On Sundays, I decide what recipes to cook. I make a list, go shopping, and cook most or all of my food for the week. Then, I pre-portion it and put some in the fridge and some in the freezer. Next, I plan out all my meals and snacks for the upcoming week, taking into account events and meetings I’ll attend and whether I’ll be dining out. All my thinking about food is done for the week!

Every night, I look at my food plan for the next day. I prepare a snack fresh and put it in the fridge with my pre-portioned foods. I take a call from my sponsee. I write things I’m grateful for in my gratitude journal, five things every night. I read and write to complete my Step work assignment from my sponsor. (Currently, I’m on Step Ten, and I’m emailing inventories every night.) When my head hits the pillow, my prayers begin: personal prayers, Step Three and Step Seven prayers, and I actively bless my father with all the concrete items I want for myself, which is my way of letting go of my resentment.

Every morning, my first waking thought is of God. I say morning prayers and then text my OA buddy to commit to no sugar and no fast food today. I find a guided meditation video online and immerse myself for five to twenty minutes. I read from Voices of Recovery and another daily meditation book. I read aloud the prayer my sponsor helped me create, asking God for his will for how to make direct or living amends to my father. I read aloud three affirmation statements. I read a daily recovery email and a daily devotional email. I reach out to various program people by text. I listen to OA podcasts while I get ready for work (I also do this in the evening instead of watching television). I take another sponsee’s call, then pack up my lunch and eat my abstinent breakfast. When I’m really focused on program, I make an outreach call on my way to work. During the workday, I make and take outreach calls whenever I can, often during my lunch, and on the way home. I text people and respond to texts throughout the day.

I do all these things day in and day out, and it really pays off! I’m healthier, happier, more peaceful, and more serene than I’ve ever been in my life.

— Barb, New Haven, Connecticut USA

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